Visit Long Island's Horton Point Lighthouse

June 13, 2016 by Wilfred Joseph

Long Island's Horton Point LighthouseNo visit to the North Fork would be complete without seeing at least one of the many romantic and historic Long Island lighthouses here. Horton Point Lighthouse, located near Southold, NY, is just such an iconic light.
Visitors are more than welcome and the building also houses a small but wonderful nautical museum.
Horton Point Lighthouse was commissioned by President George Washington in 1790. The story goes that it was an idea he’d had since visiting the site in 1757. The light wasn’t constructed until 1857, however, 100 years after Washington’s first suggestion! Talk about a gestation period – I’m guessing a committee or two may have been involved …
Built on a bluff overlooking Long Island Sound, Horton Point Lighthouse served to warn of a shoal just off the coast. A 58′ tower on a 60′ cliff, the light served from 1857 to 1933, when an automated light was put in nearby and Horton Point went dark.
Horton Point Light sat mostly vacant after that, minus a short period of time during WWII when the CDC utilized it as a coastal watchtower. After the war, the building was once again vacant, falling into disuse and beginning to crumble from neglect and vandalism.
Luckily, the Southold Historical Society understood the iconic building’s historic value and came to the rescue with the idea of using the structure as a nautical museum. Restoration of Horton Point Lighthouse began in 1976 and, by 1990, the light had been restored to the extent that it could be put back into service. It is still active to this day!
Visitors to the light may climb the tower as well as explore the current exhibits at the attached nautical museum. The 8-acre Horton Point Park, which serve as grounds for the light, are open year round and provide stunning views of Long Island Sound and Connecticut. There is a staircase to the beach as well as a lovely nature trail to explore. Don’t miss your opportunity to discover and explore this historic and iconic, Long Island Lighthouse on the North Fork!

Horton Point Lighthouse

3575 Lighthouse Rd, Southold, NY
Horton Point Lighthouse is open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, Saturdays and Sundays, 11:30am to 4pm
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