The Benefits of Massage

Soothing benefits of Aromatherapy Massage
A Woman Having A Massage



Arbor View House is a North Fork Long Island Wine Country  Bed and Breakfast offering various spa services, including Swedish Massages, Couple’s Massages,  Pre Natal Massages, Sports Massages, and Aromatherapy Massage and Baths.

Arbor View House B&B offers some of the most exclusive Spa Services on the North Fork, provided by our vetted vendor close to the bed and breakfast.  We have experienced the therapeutic benefits of massage to heal injuries from running and training for marathons.

Enjoy a comfortable, safe, and serene environment that complements your romantic getaway.  Consider us as your official “Home Away from Home.”

Studies have shown wide-ranging health benefits of massages.  For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, “Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.” Massages help soothe aches and pains, reduce anxiety, lift your spirits, and lower your blood pressure.  Massages have also been linked to clearer thinking.  Massages boost neurotransmitters of serotonin and dopamine that can elevate your mood and even help battle depression.  Best of all, we only have well-trained, licensed, and insured New York State spa therapists who are seasoned and experienced practitioners.


Swedish Massage: (60 min.-$135.) This massage uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping.  Releases tension and promotes your body’s natural healing improves circulation and reduces stress.

Sports massage: (60 min.-$175.) A perfect massage for active individuals with sore muscles or athletes with a limited range of motion.  This massage focuses on deep massage and stretching to increase endurance and muscle elasticity—and ideal massage choice before or after athletic training and events.

Couple’s massage (60 min – $285.) This unique service is available to Spa Services clients seven days a week.  We will accommodate your request if you and your partner want to have your massages simultaneously.  Please note these massages are subject to availability.

Therapeutic Focus Massage: 60 min. – $185. / 90 min.-$) This massage addresses specific medical concerns of the client and focuses on a few areas of the body—ideal for accident injuries, carpal tunnel, chronic headaches, and post-surgical recovery.

Pre Natal or Maternity Massage 60 min. – 145. / 90 min.- 199 Specifically trained therapists to help relax the expectant mother and relieve common problems such as lower back pain and water retention.

Lymphatic Drainage: 60 min. – $195.  For availability (Call 631.477.8440): A gentle massage is used to relieve the swelling from medical treatment or the illness that blocks your lymphatic system.   This massage reduces your inflammation and toxicity.

Hot Stone Massage: – $180.  For availability (Call 631.477.8440): Melt into a blanket of warmth as you experience the soothing meditative state of the Hot Stone Massage.  This exotic treatment involves Swedish massage accompanied by heated polished lava stones.  Warm oil is applied to the skin while hot stones effleurage your sore, aching muscles.  This treatment will encourage deep relaxation and calm the soul.




The North Fork Wine Country pace is slower, and a relaxing massage may be what the doctor ordered.

Thai Massage: For availability (Call 631.477.8440): Thai practitioners use their hands, feet, arms, and legs to balance & energize the body.  Thai massage utilizes slow movement and deep stretching—and it’s done while on the floor and fully clothed.  Thai massage is thought to be the physical manifestation of loving compassion, and it is deeply relaxing. 

Reiki: For availability (Call 631.477.8440): It is a Japanese form of hands-on-healing.  The warmth from the practitioner’s hands is very healing and a deep sense of well-being is achieved.  Reduces stress, removes energy blocks, and brings balance to the body and mind.  Reiki means universal energy.




Our Empress Aromatherapy bath is a gentler massage personalized to your needs by using essential oils, bath salts, and fragrances.  It is designed to stimulate all your senses.  It calms, detoxifies, energizes, and relaxes your sore muscles.  It is usually accompanied by champagne and chocolate truffles.

Empress Aromatherapy Bath: $165.

Our aromatherapy bath is formulated and designed with essential elements and with you in mind – designed to awaken the mind, strengthen the spirit, and refresh the body; while creating an aura of well-being that enables you to abandon the stresses and see the day in a new light.  This is designed to stimulate all your senses; your sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing, and psychic insight.  Let us draw your Bath and set the mood for a romantic, relaxing, or therapeutic Bath.  Candlelight, music, soft rose petals, and essential oils will create the mood and begin the process – champagne, wine, chocolate, or other edibles complete this experience.  All you have to do is to bring your imagination.

For Stretching/Yoga (Call 631.477.8440).

Yoga is powerful for stress management.  Our therapists stretch out tight areas of your body to lengthen muscles and relieve tension.  You are also taught exercises that you can practice at home.  Perfect for athletes or those suffering from chronic pain.  One-on-one yoga sessions allow the client to learn about where they hold stress in their body and how they can use breathing techniques to alleviate stress.  Private or public Yoga classes are available.