Travelers List Their Pet Peeves

September 13, 2011 by Wilfred Joseph

Business travelers and leisure travelers are sometimes as different as cats and dogs, a new study finds.
This article was published in the Washington Post and was written by , Published: September 9
In early August, Travel Leaders arranged a survey on such topical and irksome issues as airport security and baggage fees. The study, based on responses from the group’s 443 travel agents, managers and owners, found that almost 28 percent of business travelers would like to eliminate the TSA’s liquid limit at airports and 28 percent would toss out the shoe removal rule. By contrast, 32 percent of vacationers would jettison pat-downs, followed by the liquid restrictions.
But the groups agreed on ways to avoid checked baggage fees: Travel carry-on only, said 51 percent of business travelers and 61 percent of holiday-goers.
The Fall Travel Trends Survey also ranked the top three domestic destinations for the remainder of 2011: Vegas, Orlando and Hono­lulu. For international spots, the list is Caribbean cruise, Cancun and London. CoGo assumes that these are vacation spots, but kudos to the company that holds stockholder meetings on a cruise ship.