The Health Benefits Of Chocolate, Especially Dark Chocolate Indulgence*

Let me count the ways…

  1. Chocolate increases heart health: The anti-oxidants in chocolate work wonders for your heart. Chocolate lowers blood pressure, reduces clotting, improves circulation, and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
  2. Balances the immune system: Flavonols prevent the immune system from going into overdrive and reduce oxidative stress.
  3. Combats diabetes: Epicatechin (that’s a mouthful) protects cells, makes them more robust, and supports the processes that help the body use insulin better.
  4. Improves brain function: Flavonols in dark chocolate have a positive impact on brain function, including better reaction time, visual-spatial awareness, and stronger memory.
  5. Boosts athletic performance: The epicatechin in dark chocolate increases nitric oxide production in the blood, which supports circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen
  6. Reduces stress: People who ate dark chocolate reported that after eating dark chocolate, they felt less stressed because there were reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Do you know anything as delicious and has so many essential benefits. So you see, with all the health-boosting benefits of chocolate, you should consider letting chocolate into your life. INDULGE.

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*John Hopkins Medicine