Beluga Whales Near Long Island's North Fork

June 1, 2015 by Wilfred Joseph

Beluga Whales near Long IslandDid you hear about the sighting of three beluga whales near Long Island’s North Fork last week? Pretty exciting stuff – but we see all kinds of marine life on the North Fork!
Beluga whales primarily live in arctic waters, so seeing them this far down the Atlantic coast is a rarity. There is a small community of beluga whales that call the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada home, though. There have also been several sightings of beluga whales off the Maine coast and as far south as southern New Jersey over the last decade.
The three beluga whales near Long Island were seen headed east, surfacing and spouting off Shoreham Beach. Estimates place them between six and eight feet long and under three years old. One was identified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association as a member of the St. Lawrence River population mentioned above.
Just days before, the three were seen up the coast of Long Island, in Cold Spring Harbor’s Whaler’s Cove. Observers noted that they were investigating almost every harbor along the north shore of Long Island. Some who saw them initially thought they were dolphins.
Beluga whales are intelligent and curious, sometimes even seeming to encourage interactions with people. Though not considered dangerous, it’s always a good idea to give these animals a respectful berth of at least 150 feet. While the beluga whales of the St. James river are not listed as endangered, they are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act while in US waters.
Even though we cannot guarantee you’ll see beluga whales during your visit, there is always that possibility: Long Island’s North Fork is a great place to spot whales, fish, birds, and other wildlife – and there are plenty of other things to see and do while you’re here, too! The key is knowing what to see and where to go, when – the kind of knowledge only a local would have.
Inside Information on Long Island’s North Fork
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