January 28, 2023 Wilfred Joseph
  • Greenport's Noah's Restaurant on Front Street
    The simple sign of Noah’s Restaurant in Greenport

    Noah’s Restaurant, Greenport Long Island, is a highly regarded farm-to-table restaurant in Greenport, New York. This restaurant’s commitment is to sourcing the highest quality ingredients from local farms and fishermen, ensuring that each dish is fresh and flavorful. The Restaurant’s menu changes seasonally to reflect the availability of ingredients, and each dish is prepared with a focus on simple yet bold flavors.

    The menu at Noah’s Restaurant features a variety of seafood dishes, as well as farm-fresh salads and meat dishes. The Restaurant also offers a selection of artisanal cocktails and a carefully curated wine list to complement each dish. The interior of Noah’s Restaurant is elegant and contemporary, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Over the years, Noah’s Restaurant has received numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional cuisine and dedication to using local, sustainable ingredients. The Restaurant has been recognized as one of the top restaurants on Long Island by the Long Island Press. The Long Island Wine Council has awarded it the prestigious “Outstanding Restaurant” award. In addition, the Restaurant has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Newsday, and Dan’s Papers.

    Overall, Noah’s Restaurant is a top-quality dining experience showcasing the best of what the North Fork region of Long Island offers. Its commitment to sustainability and local sourcing makes it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of farm-to-table cuisine in a beautiful and welcoming setting.

    Noah’s Restaurant, Greenport

    In addition to its focus on farm-to-table cuisine, Noah’s Restaurant is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Restaurant is a member of the Green Restaurant Association and has implemented several eco-friendly practices, such as composting and using biodegradable takeout containers.

    As the menu at Noah’s Restaurant changes seasonally to reflect the availability of local ingredients, the most popular dishes may vary depending on the time of year. However, some of the words that have consistently been popular among diners include:

    1. Crispy Brussel Sprouts – This dish features crispy, roasted Brussels sprouts served with a tangy soy-lime vinaigrette, toasted sesame seeds, and pickled jalapenos.
    2. Roasted Beets – This dish features locally sourced beets that are perfectly roasted and served with tangy goat cheese, toasted pistachios, and a balsamic reduction.
    3. Seared Scallops – This dish features fresh, locally caught scallops that are pan-seared and served with a sweet corn puree, sauteed spinach, and crispy prosciutto.
    4. Grass-fed Beef Burger – This burger features a juicy, grass-fed beef patty topped with caramelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and bacon aioli. It is served on a toasted brioche bun and comes with a side of crispy fries.
    5. Seasonal Fish – As Noah’s Restaurant is located in a region with access to fresh seafood, the seasonal fish dish is always a popular choice among diners. The dish features fresh, locally caught fish cooked to perfection and served with seasonal accompaniments.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Noah’s Restaurant is located in the heart of Greenport’s historic district, making it the perfect stop for anyone exploring the area. The Restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored Victorian building, and its location puts it within walking distance of many of Greenport’s shops and attractions.

    Overall, Noah’s Restaurant is a top-quality dining destination that offers a unique and memorable farm-to-table experience. With its focus on sustainability, commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, and innovative cuisine, it is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore what the North Fork region offers.

    We have eaten there several times and recommended Noah’s to guests who rave about the selections and love the ambiance and personal service. What we love the best are the small plates giving us more choices and the opportunity to sample several dishes.

    When making reservations, note that Wilfred from Arbor View House Bed & Breakfast sent you.


December 30, 2011 Wilfred Joseph

Our Long Island, New York Bed and Breakfast is just past the Village of Greenport, a place rich in history and cultural offerings.

If you like your oysters fresh, dine in Greenport, Long Island.

Situated on a south facing deep water harbor, Greenport was once home to a thriving shipping, whaling, and shipbuilding industry. In the early 1800s, Greenport was such an important hub that the Long Island Railroad was created to connect it to New York City, and ferry lines were established to connect it to Connecticut. Today, the waterfront village of approximately 2,000 is a cultural hub, with numerous restaurants, shops, and historical sites. It is on the “must see” list for guests of our Long Island, NY Bed and Breakfast.
At this time of year, when chilly winds blow, we like to restaurant hop in Greenport. Read on for a list of a few of our favorite spots:

  • The Harbour Front Deli and the Stirlington Deli both offer a good selection of sandwiches, hearty soups, and other treats, with fast, friendly service. Eat in, or grab your meal and enjoy it at the beach.
  • Aldos has superlative coffee, cocoa, and pastries. The Bistro Bar Menu at Bruce’s Cheese Emporium features many local “Farm to Table” items: wine, beer, cheese, and produce.
  • The Chowder Pot has great views of Peconic Bay and Shelter Island, and even better chowder. The Metro Cafe has generous burritos and other southwestern fare. And it’s hard to beat the pizza you’ll find at La Capricciosa Brick Oven Pizza.
  • There is also fine dining on the North Fork of Long Island. If you want to step out, step into Porto Bello Restaurant. Or try The Frisky Oyster Restaurant, a relatively new spot that has garnered rave reviews from the NY Times, and a rating of 26 from Zagat’s; they’re food is consistently good. If you’re young and hip and miss the city a little during your Long Island, NY Bed and Breakfast retreat, you’ll be happy at the Frisky Oyster.
  • If you’re a bit older, perhaps, and prefer your dining experiences to be steeped in tradition, try Claudio’s. The original Claudio arrived in Greenport in 1854, with the Portuguese Whaler “Neva”. After many more voyages on the “Neva”, Manuel Claudio had enough resources to stay on dry land for the rest of his life. In 1870 he opened Claudio’s Tavern; it’s been in the family ever since. Folks interested in hitting all the major North Fork Tourist spots will want to check out Claudio’s.
  • Noah’s is the only restaurant in Greenport with a raw bar; it offers several varieties of oysters daily, shucked to order. Noah’s features small plates, with small pours of wine to match, at affordable prices. It’s one of our favorite places to dine (and we’re not alone–Zagat’s has given it a 27). If you’ll be staying at our Long Island Bed and Breakfast on New Year’s Eve, consider having your New Year’s Dinner at Noah’s.
  • New on the Greenport restaurant scene is the North Fork Oyster Company. Their oysters are delivered the day their harvested, and they pour Greenport Brewing Harbor Company draughts.
  • Even though The North Fork Table is outside of Greenport, in Southold, it should be included on this list. The North Fork Table is considered  the best restaurant on North Fork, Long Island. The James Beard Foundation named it the 2011 winner for North Fork, the East End, and the Hamptons. Zagat’s has given it a 29. The food is fresh, the menu inspired.

Eating a good meal is one of the best winter activities there is. Dipping a pastry into coffee, tea, or cocoa is another. So go ahead. Take a blustery beach walk, and work up a powerful appetite. Then head down the road to Greenport, and eat to your heart’s content.


January 28, 2010 Wilfred Joseph

Noah's Restaurant

Noah Schwartz, the former chef at the Seafood Barge in Southold, has opened a new restaurant; Noah’s Restaurant, Greenport, Long Island.  The restaurant is at the former location of the Frisky Oyster Bar on 136 Front Street and is called Noah’s.  As the Seafood Barge could not renew their lease, Noah quickly scouted the area and found that this location would be perfect for him.  Renovations were underway and now Noah’s is officially open.
Noah is a native Long Islander and a graduate of New England Culinary School and worked for over seven years in California’s wine country and then made his move to Long Island North  Fork Wine country.   He has experience in opening restaurants and this one is very special to him, as it is his own.  Noah will be bringing to Noah’s, a culinary experience enjoyed in California and he is already receiving positive feedback from his customers.  Recent reviews had customers raving about the scallop ceviche and pomegranate ribs.  The sardines were quite a surprise and totally delicious as is the  Pulled Duck from the Crescent Farms in Aquebogue.  There are so many Oyster dishes that you’d think that he’d call the place Noah’s Oysters. Even though the menu is mostly fresh seafood, Noah is a master with the Steak which is done with Manchego Cheese and rich crispy onions, yummy.
The concept at Noah’s is to offer “small plates” at the top of his menu ranging from $6 to $15.  Thus, allowing his guests to sample multiple smaller plates and enjoy a variety of dishes.  The menu also features 2-3 oz. wine pours to accompany the small plates.  Of course, to balance this, he will also have snacks on the menu beginning at $3.  Truly a delightful way to dine!

Noah’s Restaurant, Greenport

We have eaten there several times and recommended Noah’s to guests who rave about the selections and love the ambiance and personal service. What we love the best are the small plates giving you more choices to sample several dishes.  Noah’s Restaurant is now the newest restaurant in Greenport.
Call for reservations at 631-477-6720 and tell them Arbor View House sent you.