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September 21, 2015 by Wilfred Joseph

Explore Southold Indian MuseumDid you know that the Southold Indian Museum on Long Island’s North Fork has the largest, single collection of Algonquin ceramic pottery in existence?
Dedicated to study, preservation, and dissemination of the surrounding region’s natural and human history, Southold Indian Museum was the natural outgrowth of a determined group of avocational archaeologists who formed the Incorporated Long Island Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association in the early 1900’s.
Opening in 1962 via a prominent member’s posthumous grant, Southold Indian Museum has continued the good work started by these early archaeological pioneers of Long Island’s North Fork.
Items in the Southold Indian Museum’s collection include a large collection of Native American spear and arrowheads, knife blades, hoe blades, hammers, gouges, drills, children’s games and toys, fishing tackle, clothing, and much more.
While the bulk of the collection and exhibits consist of artifacts and relics of the Long Island Algonquin tribes, the Southold Indian Museum also houses many items from Western tribes as well as from Central and South American tribes. Of particular note is a collection of hand-shaped, soapstone pots and bowls that predate the Algonquin peoples.
And that’s not all – the Southold Indian Museum also owns the Algonquin Flint Mines at Coxsackie, New York; one of the few sites of its kind held by a group dedicated to the preservation – rather than exploitation – of such a rare and valuable archaeological find. The Coxsackie Algonquin Flint Mines are over sixty three acres and contain many Native American quarries. Archaeologists have ascertained that Paleo hunters used the area as a source of flint as long as seven thousand years ago!
Southold Indian Museum holds various events throughout the year. One upcoming event, held in conjunction with the Custer Institute and Observatory (just down the road) is “The Clovis and the Comet.” This fascinating lecture will look at evidence for and against a comet almost wiping out the Clovis culture in North America. This free event is scheduled for Saturday, November 22nd at the Custer Institute and includes refreshments.

Southold Indian Museum

1080 Main Bayview Road, Southold, NY 11971 – 631-765-5577
Be sure to visit the Southold Indian Museum online at: southoldindianmuseum.org
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