Enjoy a Sumptuous Empress Aromatherapy Bath, With Champagne And Truffles 

Aromatherapy Bath


Now that we’re officially into Spring, we can celebrate the warmer weather with our exclusive Empress Aromatherapy Bath.

Here’s what you’ll love

Take a step off the merry-go-round of life and enjoy a stimulating six senses, Empress Aromatherapy Bath.

Sink into the silky-soft, warm water covered with rose petals and bubbles and filled with healing and soothing aromatherapy salts and essential oils to wash away the stress of everyday life.

With the music of your mood playing softly in the background; and lighting by candlelight only, as you relax in the softness of the water, you sip your complimentary champagne and devour your delicious chocolate truffles. 

There is no doubt that hot baths are really good for the body and the soul. Experience your sixth sense, and your feeling of well-being expands. Research shows that a long hot bath with the added stimulation of aromatherapy may even have therapeutic benefits.


Enjoy the Sumptuous Empress Aromatherapy Bath and the Smooth taste of Champagne And Truffles. 

Woman with champagne glass in a bubble bath
Enjoying a wonderful Empress Aromatherapy Bath

Your complimentary wine from local producers Sparkling Pointe Vineyard and delicious handmade chocolate truffles complete your exclusive IEmpress Aromatherapy Bath package when you stay with us this Summer.

Here’s what your stay includes.

  •  Gourmet three-course breakfast each day
  • 1 Empress Aromatherapy Bath experience for two
  • 1 complimentary bottle of Sparkling Pointe sparkling wine to enjoy in your room or guest lounge/deck upstairs or downstairs
  • 6 homemade chocolate truffles

“I could not be more grateful for the days I spent at Arbor View House. When we walked in, we were treated more like family than guests….” Dani

Price: $195

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The Fine Print

Subject to availability

  • Two-night  stay (min) in any of our beautiful, spacious rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms (the cost of the room is additional)
  • May not be combined with other Specials or Packages
  • Valid only for bookings –  April, May, and June 2022
  • Minimum nights apply for weekends and holidays