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TripAdvisor says that the Arbor View Bed and Breakfast is #1 of 5 inns in East Marion
They also list us as #1 out of 75 Long Island Bed and Breakfasts!  Little old  Arbor View Bed and Breakfast. How did we get to be #1 on TripAdvisor?  Our loyal guests and we would like to say thank you for sharing your experience with others.  
We currently have had 83 reviews.  29% of the reviews came during 2009 and 98% of the reviews gave us a thumbs up with a 5.0 rating!  We are deeply flattered, and we want to again thank our guests for sharing their comments on their stay at the Arbor View Bed and Breakfast.  Among the comments, we hear raves about our breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important thing that an Innkeeper can do as it is the last experience a guest has at the Inn before they leave.  Our breakfast is relaxed and can last as long as 2 hours!  A relaxing breakfast is a wonderful way for our guests to unwind and enjoy their getaway. 
Other comments include our hospitality, quality of our beds, knowledge of the area, and making each and every one of guests feel welcomed.  This to us is just what owning a Bed and Breakfast and being an innkeeper is all about.
Here are some of what our guest are saying:

“We have just returned from a three day weekend at the Arbor View House Bed & Breakfast Spa. The Room we stayed in the Zinfandel Room is well laid out with a four-poster bed that reminds me one my grandmother had with a ladder to get up to it. We had some many bouquets of flowers all over even in the bathroom. My wife and I travel all over the country and we try to stay at B&Bs whenever we can and find one, this is one of the nicest and cleanest ones we have stayed in. It has all of the amenities of a four star hotel, plush robes and slippers and even an flat screen LCD TV with a DVD player.
The breakfasts were a treat, each day a surprise. One day we had champagne for someone’s birthday. There was no shortage of food at any time, most day we skipped lunch. We loved that they used fresh herbs and spices and served fresh fruit everyday. On our arrival they served tea and scones, scones to die for.
We have never been to Long Island wine country before and visited several wineries and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The wine was good but not world class yet. There are some up and comers.
The hosts at the Arbor View house were charming as we expected from B&B hosts. What we didn’t expect was the lively conversation that lasted hours after breakfast was finished. We all talked about wine , food, and all the solutions to the world problems. It was reminiscent of my old college days. It was fun.
We did not take advantage of all the Spa services but had two massages on our second and third days. They were just what the doctor ordered.”

“Christmas 2004 our daughter presented us with a gift to Arbor View B &B. We went May 2005. Pleasant drive from Nassau county, not to long to get there, all is well. Well, all got better! What a beautiful, immaculate house it is. The best of all is to have met Vida and Wilfred. We had a delicious banquet style breakfast. The physical need of nourishment, by candlelight was outstanding, but the conversation, the joy and laughter we shared with them nourished our heart and soul. We came home gave our daughter and family a big hug and thanks. Told them it was the best gift to have received and how thankful we were. Christmas 2005 we were surprised again with the same. WOW!!! We had hoped to go during the summer, unfortunately Joe was set back with health issues and it wasn’t until October that we were able to get there. We arrived to a big hug and welcome by Wilfred. We missed Vida who was away taking care of her father at the time. We hope he is doing well. Wilfred is a wonderful person to have a conversation with. No matter what the topic; health, the woes of the world, anything at all. He is very knowledgeable on many subjects, a great listener and conversation flows easily. We missed Vida and hope to see both Vida and Wilfred next time. Carmen And Joe”

We are always happy to hear that we are living up to guest’s expectations!

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Its fall the leaves are changing slowly because the weather is so wet.  It has been raining for what seems like every other day.  Its causing the winemakers a lot of pain  At this time of year what they want is SUN, sun for ripening the grapes.  So at this point they are praying and hoping.
The farm stands are busy selling their harvest:  apples, pears and  pumpkins and many have corn mazes.
The day-trippers are out in full force and Route 48 has become slower than usual.  Not to worry, this  is all winding down now that November is here.


This week is Restaurant Week( November 1st  –  November 8th) on the North Fork.  A reminder that on Saturday you can enjoy the advantages of Restaurant Week after 7pm. You can get more info here


The North Fork Bed & Breakfast Association is having their annual Holiday House Tour on December 5th, 2009.  There are nine B&Bs chosen to be part of the tour.  They are divided into two groups, the Champagne Tour and the Merlot Tour and the prices will be $75  and $25 respectively.  The irony here is that Arbor View House whose rooms the tour groups are named after was chosen to be on the Merlot Tour.  No mind next year we will be on the Champagne Tour and visitors will see the suite the tour is named after.  Full details can be found  at the Arbor View House website.

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To Blog or not to Blog that is the question. Whether it is better to get lost and left behind as a Luddite and suffer the thought that you are growing old and losing touch with your youth, or to go to the computer and write and share and join forces with the youthful masses. And, by opposing do nothing.  Therefore to turn old, to be disconnected, to be left back in the 20th century, to be dead.”
I like life so therefore I blog.
As you can see I am attempting to paraphrase Shakespeare (and trying to be funny too)  to explain the quandary that I have been experiencing these last few months since I recognized that I was going to write a blog. And as I am no Shakespeare, I will not bore you anymore prose like that and proceed with my blog.
Blogging is all the rage now for businesses.  Business people now get to share their experiences with those who are interested and willing to read.  As I understand it, there are three main reasons to blog.

  1. To Brag about your products, services and events (Veda’s delicious date nut bread)
  2. To share your personal stories and experiences (The joys of maintaining a 200 year old house)
  3. To drive people to your website and grow your business ( I like this one)
  4. Search engines love it because the content is fresh and easier to update than a website

Therefore I am excited to announce to our fans that we will be sharing things about the B&B, The North Fork, the wineries, my thoughts with you our fans, clients and others.  I am very excited, as in very new project I must temper my enthusiasm with common-sense and not overwhelm you. I have a lot that I want to share with you.

Carousel in Greenport, NY
Carousel in Greenport, NY

Arbor View House Bed & Breakfast is celebrating our 10th year in business.  We started our B&B in Late August 1999.  We really thought that we knew what we were doing.  In that time we have seen so many things change, new additions and upgrades to the B&B, 9/11, two wars, two new grandchildren, a black president, additional B&Bs in the area and many new wineries among other things.  One thing that has remained constant is our love of what we do being Innkeepers.  Veda and I love what we do and love our guests.
We get a tremendous amount of pleasure from providing service and seeing the pleasure they derive from it.  We would not be able to do it all without guests, supporters, friends, relatives and suppliers.  This has been a blast and we are looking for to having fun on the roller coaster for a while.
We started out by saying that we would get the best guests, and we have and that we would do two things exceptionally well, BED and BREAKFAST, and we’ve managed to do just that.
To remind you and me, we live in a beautiful piece of Nature’s handiwork called Long Island’s East End.  Specifically, here on the North Fork as opposed to the Hamptons, we experience the bucolic nature of the area.  Here we have wineries, vineyards, farms, pristine beaches, hiking trails, preserves, ponds, fishing and best of all “the light”.  The Light is often described by painters that source of light that makes things luminous.  In addition the weather that is so much different and milder than in New York City.  Come visit us sometime soon.

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I am new to  WordPress. This is my first post.  I started it in May and here we are in September.
Things I might blog about

  • Arbor View House Bed & Breakfast and SPA
  • Long Island Wineries
  • North Fork Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Old Houses (This one is over 200 Years old)
  • My nine grandchildren
  • The art of “Doing Nothing”

I will come back to this later, see you soon.  I will get my thoughts together.

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