Arbor View House – a Long Island Spa

March 24, 2014 by Wilfred Joseph

Arbor View House Long Island Spa ServicesArbor View House is more than just an award-winning, North Fork bed and breakfast – we’re also a Long Island Spa, offering a wide range of massages and other spa services.
Services available at our Long Island Spa include:
Swedish Massage
A full-body massage combining a wide range of techniques including Deep Tissue, Myofacial, Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Trigger Point Therapy and Stretching to release tension and promote natural healing.
Sport Massage
A combination of deep massage and stretching for increased endurance and elasticity, perfect for active individuals with sore muscles or limited range of motion.
Therapeutic Focus Massage
This massage is good for addressing specific concerns and areas of the body in the instances of injury, carpel tunnel, chronic headaches, and other concentrated issues.
Hot Stone Massage
This extremely relaxing treatment involves warm oil, Swedish massage, and heating polished lava stones which are then lightly rubbed over and also placed on your body for a soothing meditative effect.
Thai Massage
Thai massage utilizes slow movements & stretches, to deeply relax your muscles. Thai massage is accomplished on the dressed individual on the floor using hands, feet, arms and legs to massage.
Reiki is a form of Japanese massage or healing. Reiki means universal energy and the Reiki practitioner helps to direct the body’s energy with warm hands for complete relaxation.
Aromatherapy Massage
A body massage designed to calm, detoxify, energize and relieve your muscles and mind with the soothing effects of a personalized selection of essential oils.
Aromatherapy Bath
Let us to draw you a relaxing, therapeutic bath with essential oils, rose petals, candlelight, and soft music, to soothe your mind, strengthen your spirit, and refresh your body.
Stretch Therapy
Take a session with our therapists to work out those kinks. Learn how to stretch out those tight areas of your body to lengthen muscles and relieve tension.
One-on-one or public yoga sessions are available to alleviate stress, strengthen the body, and learn how to use breathing techniques to relax.
Couples Massage
Share any spa service above with a partner – relax into togetherness!
Maternity Massage
A gentle massage designed to help relax the expectant mother and relieve common, minor pregnancy issues like lower back pain and water retention.
All of the massage therapists at our Long Island Spa are New York State licensed, insured, and are experienced professionals. We also have an arrangement with a local gym for those who wish to get in a workout during their stay.