August 6, 2010 Wilfred Joseph

If you plan to visit Long Island vineyards, make sure to add Martha Clara’s Vineyard to your list.  Martha Clara’s Vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island was purchased by the Entenmann’s family in 1978 and was originally a potato farm.  In 1995, they caught the “grape bug” and planted 18 acres of vitis vinifera grapes and they haven’t looked back since.  Over the next four years, they expanded to over 100 acres of growing grapes and the vineyard is just lovely. 
In addition to growing grapes, Martha Clara’s Vineyard has a variety of activities that are just perfect for a romantic getaway to the wine country of Long Island.  Horse drawn carriage tours and wine tastings are available on an ongoing basis.  The August and September calendar of events are chock full and are as follows: 

September 30, 2009 Wilfred Joseph

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question.  This is why we have created this New North Fork Wine Country Blog.  Whether it is better to get lost and left behind as a Luddite and suffer the thought that you are growing old and losing touch with your youth or to go to the computer and write and share and join forces with the youthful masses.  And, by opposing, do nothing.  Therefore to turn old, to be disconnected, to be left back in the 20th century, to be dead is not my choice.

I like life, so therefore I blog.

As you can see, I am attempting to paraphrase Shakespeare (and trying to be funny, too)  to explain the difficulty that I have been experiencing these last few months since I recognized that I was going to write a blog.  And as I am no Shakespeare, I will not bore you with any more prose like that and proceed with my Blog.

Blogging is all the rage now for businesses.  Business people now get to share their experiences with those interested and willing to read.  As I understand it, there are three main reasons to blog.

  1. To Brag about your products, services, and events (Veda’s delicious date nut bread and excellent breakfasts)
  2. To share your personal stories and experiences (The joys of maintaining a 200-year-old house) that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places)
  3. To drive people to your website and grow your business ( I like this one)
  4. Search engines love it because the content is fresh and more accessible to update than a website


I have a lot that I want to share with you.  Therefore I am excited to announce to our fans that we will be sharing things about the B&B, The North Fork, the wineries, and my thoughts with you, our fans, clients, and others.  I am very excited, as in every new project, I must temper my enthusiasm with common sense and not overwhelm you.

The Greenport Carousel
This antique carousel was donated to the town of Greenport by the Grumman Corporation.


Arbor View House Bed & Breakfast is celebrating our 10th year in business.  We started our B&B in Late August 1999.  We really thought that we knew what we were doing.  In that time, we have seen so many things change, new additions and upgrades to the B&B, 9/11, two wars, two new grandchildren, a black president, additional B&Bs in the area, and many new wineries, among other things.  One thing that has remained constant is our love of what we do being Innkeepers.  Veda and I love what we do and love our guests.
We get tremendous pleasure from providing service and seeing the pleasure they derive from it.  We would be unable to do it all without guests, supporters, friends, relatives, and suppliers.  This has been a blast, and we are looking forward to having fun on the roller coaster.
We started out by saying that we would get the best guests, and we have, and that we would do two things exceptionally well, BED and BREAKFAST, and we've managed to do just that.

To remind you and me, we live in a beautiful piece of Nature’s handiwork called Long Island’s East End.  Specifically, here on the North Fork, as opposed to the Hamptons, we experience the bucolic Nature of the area.  Here we have wineries, vineyards, farms, pristine beaches, hiking trails, preserves, ponds, fishing, and, best of all, “the light.” Painters often describe light as a source of light that makes things luminous.  In addition, the weather is so much different and milder than in New York City.  Check out our rooms and visit us sometime soon.