FAQ Questions and Answers for the Empress Aromatherapy Bath

Do you have any Questions?

Do you have any questions?
Questions about the Empress Aromatherapy Bath

FAQ Questions and Answers about the Empress Aromatherapy Bath- Some guests have had questions about our offer. Maybe you have as well? Check some of them out below.

Q: How long does the Empress Aromatherapy promotion last?
A: It lasts from April 1st, 2022, to June 30th, 2022. We are offering an early check-in or late checkout.

Q: Does the Empress Aromatherapy bath include breakfast?
A: A delicious three-course breakfast is served each morning and is part of the package.

Q: Can two people fit in the bathtub?
A: The whirlpool bathtubs in the Champagne Suite and the Zinfandel Room are slightly wider than standard tubs; these are all one-person tubs. You have to be imaginative and careful. Some people have reported that two people have gotten into the tubs simultaneously.


Q: When and where is the bath delivered?
A: We set up the bath while you are not in your room at dinner or out and about. We can conspire to surprise your partner after dinner.

Q: Is the bath only for women?
A: The bath is for anyone, male or female

Q: How do you know what essential oil to use?
A: We choose the Essentials oils depending on the desired effect to relax,  soothe, or stimulate. The bath sommelier works that out with the recipient or their partner beforehand.

Q: How late can we run the bath?
A: The baths in the rooms with the whirlpool tubs must be completed by 10 pm. The intent is not to disturb the other guests.

Q: How many nights do I need to book to get the special Champagne?
A: When you book your two-night or more stay, you can add the Empress Aromatherapy Bath

Q: Is this offer specific to some rooms and not others?
A: You can choose whichever room inspires you the most. All are available to you.