Enjoy Our Long Island Spa in North Fork Wine Country

October 23, 2015 by Wilfred Joseph

Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast & Long Island SpaArbor View House Bed and Breakfast in Greenport, NY is both a premier, North Fork, wine-country inn and a Long Island spa, proud to offer both lush accommodations and a wide range of spa services, including a variety of massages and baths.
Arriving at your destination and unpacking your bags at the beginning of a much-deserved getaway feels so good: now you can finally relax! But just because your mind feels relaxed doesn’t mean your body does. Tense muscles sometimes need a little push before they’re able to remember how to let go and relax – and that’s where our Long Island spa services come in.
Our Long Island Spa offers Swedish massage, a sport massage, therapeutic focus massages, hot stone massages, Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, and even Reiki sessions.
The Arbor View House spa services also include Couples Massage, allowing you to enjoy any of our Long Island spa’s services with a partner. We also offer a gentle Maternity Massage, designed specifically to soothe away those common, minor pregnancy issues so familiar to the expectant mother, such as lower back pain and water retention.
Beyond massages, our Long Island spa also offers one-on-one Yoga sessions and Stretch Therapy, which not only loosens you up during the session but also teaches you how to continue the process of gently lengthening and easing the tension of your tight muscles on your own.
Looking to keep limber and energized with a workout during your North Fork vacation? Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast has an arrangement with a Greenport Village gym for just such a necessity. Let us know you’re interested and we’ll fill you in on the details.
Finally, our Aromatherapy Bath, rich, warm, and soothing with essential oils, rose petals, candlelight, and soft music, is a great way to relax after one of our Long Island spa massage or therapy sessions – or just as a much-needed, stand-alone indulgence.
All Arbor View House massage therapists are New York State licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your care is being seen to by compassionate, experienced professionals.
As you can see, at Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast, we don’t make time for customers as much as we make friends of honored guests. Come stay with us, visit the quiet, inviting beauty of Long Island’s North Fork and Greenport Village, and see why Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast is so popular.

Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast & Long Island Spa

Whatever it is that brings you to Long Island’s North Fork, make the most of your Long Island wine-country vacation with a stay at a locally owned and operated bed and breakfast inn. Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast is here for you with world-class amenities, delicious breakfasts, an insider’s knowledge of the island, and a host of spa services. Check in and check it out!