March 25, 2012 Wilfred Joseph

To have a truly relaxing Long Island Bed and Breakfast experience, it helps to have a massage. That’s why we bring the massage to you at Arbor View House.
Is there anything more relaxing in life than a massage? A good massage can melt your muscles and dissolve stress. It can alleviate pain, increase flexibility, and heal sore muscles. Massage can increase energy and decrease depression. It can heal. It also just plain feels good.
Take advantage of the spa services we offer at our North Fork Long Island Bed and Breakfast, whether you suffer from aches and pains or simply want to feel good. Licensed massage therapists will come to Arbor View House and massage you in your own room. We work with several different massage therapists, and are therefore able to provide a wide variety of services.
If you simply want to relax, try a Swedish massage; it combines deep tissue work with Myofascial release (soft tissue), Reflexology, and Trigger Point Therapy. If you suffer from a sport’s related injury, have a Sport Massage and really work on your injured area. If you want to give your organs a treat, try Shiatsu; this ancient Japanese healing system works the energy points of the body and stimulates internal organs.
Hot Stone massage reveals how a combination of heat and Swedish massage can remove pain from sore muscles. Thai massage, said to be the physical manifestation of loving compassion, balances and energizes the body through slow movements and stretches. Reiki is a form of energy work, and can be deeply healing.
We also offer couples massages, maternity massages and aromatherapy at our North Fork Bed and Breakfast. Yoga classes (private or public) are also available, and if you just don’t feel right without your gym workout, ask us about our local gym.
The skin is the largest organ–it deserves to be pampered from time to time. Why not pamper it the next time you stay at Arbor View House?
Please see our Spa Services for a complete list of the services offered at Arbor View House.

March 9, 2012 Wilfred Joseph

The 5th annual Long Island Winterfest Jazz on the Vine series at North Fork Vineyards is going strong. Two weekends remain: March 10-11 and March 17-18. Our North Fork Long Island Bed and Breakfast still has rooms available both weekends; be spontaneous and come out to Jazz on the Vine.

Long Island Wineries Celebrate Jazz on the Vine, Raphael
Experience great wine and great jazz at Raphael.

Jazz on the Vine has been wildly popular so far this year. Wine drinkers have expanded their appreciation of jazz, and jazz fans have expanded their palates. Jazz and wine are a perfect combination, really, like bread and cheese or milk and cookies.
Remaining Winterfest highlights include (but aren’t limited to):

  • The magnetic Shenole Latimer Quartet at Raphael (March 10, 4:30).
  • Ojoyo, a wonderful fusion of South African and American music, at Duck Walk Vineyards North (March 10, 4:30).
  • The eclectic Curtis Brothers at Macari Vineyards (March 11, 2:00).
  • Enchanting vocalist Laurent Kinhan at Bedell Cellars (March 11, 4:00).
  • Oscar Peñas Ethereal Ensemble at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyards (March 17, 1:30)
  • The mezmorizing Jack Morelli Trio at Jamesport Vineyards (March 17, 4:30).
  • Jazz Fusion pioneers, The Avengers, at Duck Walk North (March 17, 3:00).
  • Singer/guitarist Ahmad Ali at Sherwood House (March 18, 2:00).
  • Mambo Loco at Raphael (March 18, 3:30).

You can be driven by the wines or the music. Decide who you want to see and go from there, or decide which wines you want to try and let the music surprise you. There are several performances each day at several different wineries, so you are sure to find something you like. Consider it a grand adventure.
Arbor View House, a North Fork Long Island Bed and Breakfast, makes a great base during Winterfest Jazz on the Vine. We’re located in the quiet village of East Marion, close to the wineries and the hopping seaport town of Greenport.
Please visit Jazz on the Vine for a complete Winterfest Schedule, and call 800-963-8777 to  make a reservation at Arbor View House.